Cedar Cove.

Take a tour of Cedar Cove and get to know the characters that call this picturesque seaside town home.


Refresh the Cedar Cove Season 1 Virtual Tour to help drive repeat traffic and encourage new visitors to explore the amazing world the show has brought to life. The tour had to remain in Flash, but an HTML element was also required for mobile users.


Haven Agency updated every scene from the Season 1 Virtual Tour and added new information on plot and character changes. We also gave the site a fresh new color pallet and added a new HTML online mini game to entertain fans who took the new tour. And last but not least, all visitors were also given a chance to enter into a sweepstakes for each and every visit.


Virtually amazing! With nearly 1 million sweepstakes entries, the Season 2 Virtual Tour was a smash hit for Hallmark Channel!

After having worked with Hallmark Channel on the Season 1 Virtual Tour for Cedar Cove, it was an easy choice for them to return to Haven Agency for Season 2. Our challenge this year was to refresh the tour enough to make it interesting for repeat visitors, yet remain intriguing for new viewers as well.

We worked with Hallmark Channel to refresh numerous site elements throughout the tour. From updating character bios, to adding in all-new characters, to revamping some of the scenery – the tour took on a whole new life for Season 2. We also modified the placements of the hidden objects game that has been a part of the tour since Season 1; a game in which users attempt to find hidden objects that are related to the show, throughout each scene.

Since every visit to the tour resulted in another sweepstakes entry for the visitors, we had to make sure the tour was compelling enough to drive repeat visits. To add additional interest and drive repeat visits, Haven Agency also developed an HTML mini game that consisted of a word search of character names, locations, and items from the show. Since the virtual tour was developed in Flash, Hallmark Channel wanted there to be an HTML element for mobile user interaction. The mini game provided that, along with delivering some entertainment for the visitors.

For the second season in a row, the virtual tour was a huge traffic driver. Both Season 1 and Season 2 versions resulted in just under 1 million sweepstakes entries for Hallmark Channel, an amazing feat that Haven Agency is proud to have been a part of!

“Thanks so much! The sweepstakes ended with 962,310 entries, with only 176,750 of those being unique, so consumers were really utilizing the virtual tour.”
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