Heroes of the Dorm

Heroes of the Dorm is the ultimate collegiate esports tournament, bringing Heroes of the Storm players together from colleges and universities coast-to-coast.


In 5 weeks time, design and develop a fully responsive website to help promote the Heroes of the Dorm tournament through the use of personalized tournament brackets, compelling videos, data-driven team rosters, and trending news articles.


We compiled a library of digital assets and hit the ground running! Given the short deadline, we bypassed the wireframe stage and jumped straight into design. We churned out nearly a dozen designs in 1 week to allocate enough time for front-end and back-end development. The website was optimized to give users an average page load time of 2.3 seconds and our development team built a custom CMS to manage and calculate points for user brackets, team data, and news.


Heroic! Thousands of voracious fans visited the website to indulge in fresh content, learn more about the competition, and watch as teams fought for their spot in the finals. More than 46,000 personal brackets were created and managed via the CMS, and over 110,000 viewers tuned in to ESPN2 for the live broadcast.

Digital partner Blizzard Entertainment, looked to Haven to execute one of their biggest challenges of the year. Heroes of the Dorm was forecasted to be a huge hit amongst the esports gaming community with TV air time on ESPN2. The deadlines were tight, the stakes were high, and our team of digital enthusiasts couldn’t be more thrilled to tackle the “impossible”. With a roster of 64 collegiate teams and over $500,000 in tuition and other prizes, it was imperative that we managed the data efficiently and securely. We organized teams by ID and pulled data from the Blizzard API in order to formulate a tournament bracket that would automatically update based on the current standings. As the tournament progressed, we pushed content updates to ensure that users were viewing the most current information.

“Makin’ it rain tuition money (and more).”

From concept to completion our team put in the extra time and effort to make this project one to remember. Our design team utilized strong key imagery, textures, patterns, and a dynamic color palette to ensure the consistency between the website and Heroes of the Dorm brand. Through extensive testing and prototyping we were able to establish an intuitive user experience. All parts of this massive campaign worked together to make Heroes of the Dorm a huge success and ultimately drive more traffic to download the game. The talented team at Blizzard Entertainment continues to work with Haven on numerous digital initiatives.

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