Imperial Toy.

Imperial Toy has been recognized as a worldwide leader and manufacturer of kids toys, bubbles, novelty items, and more.


Design and develop a fun informational website and ecommerce platform for Imperial Toy. Work with the extensive product database to create an organized and consistent online catalog for users to browse and find out more information. Develop a custom backend Content Management System that allows for: product inventory and management, featured items, video upload, and a catalog builder for sales representatives.


We created a website that was enjoyable for kids and parents alike. By applying a blend of fun colors, bold graphics, and a structured interface, we were able to create a simple and effective user experience. Our development team worked hard behind the scenes to architect the new product database structure.


Fun for all! The Imperial Toy team was thrilled with their newly revamped website and catalog builder. Users were able to quickly find toys from their favorite brands, watch How-To videos, and explore the Playspiration blog. The online catalog creator proved to be an essential tool for the Imperial Toy sales representatives.

Haven Agency began working with Imperial early on, proposing new ideas and laying the foundation for the massive project undertaking. We arranged multiple meetings with the Imperial Toy management team to introduce and plan our systematic approach to handling all of the product data. There were a lot parties involved in the decision making, and we had to be clear on what we were going to produce and how it would benefit the user.

We provided numerous initial design directions to help Imperial Toy hone in on their new look. Once we locked down the creative, we worked rigorously to produce comps for each page on the detailed site map. Our design team produced over 30 unique designs for the website and catalog. Responsive mobile design was a crucial component in the new update, and our team provided early prototyping to demonstrate functionality.

“Our goal is to engage our customers with quality and innovation.”

After design approval, we quickly moved into building out the website from the ground up. Our team built a series of objects and components that allowed for more versatility when building out each page. Testing was done on various mobile devices and all internet browsers, to ensure a seamless experience across all platforms. As the website was being built, our backend development team simultaneously worked to create dynamic data points that would be utilized on the frontend.

The new website release was a huge accomplishment for all parties involved. We continue to work with the passionate team at Imperial Toy to update and expand their global marketing efforts.

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