Magic Pro League

Magic Esports is the pinnacle of competitive Magic: The Gathering, with more ways than ever for players to compete at the highest level and play their way to glory. At the heart of Magic Esports is the Magic Pro League (MPL), featuring 24 of the best players from around the world battling at the highest level of professional Magic.


Create a microsite to showcase news, players, media, standings, and events for the Magic Pro League. Allow fans to follow event play, and their favorite players, all season. Inform users of how to enter, qualify, and play in tournaments alongside the Pro’s.


Haven designed the microsite by following the branding and style guides provided by Wizards of the Coast, while still adding in the style and polish that Haven is known for, to enhance the overall appearance where we could. We worked closely with Wizard’s Marketing Team to make sure all aspects of the MPL were showcased on the site, while making sure the information was displayed in an easy to view and shareable format on Social Media.

The Haven development team also integrated the site with a CMS in order to allow the Wizards team the ability to populate the microsite with all of the data and assets that were needed. We also integrated on-site notifications to alert visitors when Pro Players were live streaming on Twitch. This feature allows fans to click to view the players’ Live Twitch stream directly from their profile page on the site.

Since Magic the Gathering is based on cards and card decks, a custom solution was also created to showcase cards and deck lists. Users can see a list of all the cards a player used in their deck, along with the card art images, ways to share the deck on social media, and functionality to download the deck list to import them into the online Arena game to try it out for themselves.


The microsite has been very successful since its debut in 2019. Traffic and fan engagement has increased month after month as the seasons have progressed. New features and additional pages have been added to the site to give fans and users even more to see and do during the season. We anticipate this partnership with Wizards of the Coast to continue to grow and the site to get bigger and better for many years to come.

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