There is nothing soft about this drink. Mutant is a defiant new breed with an attitude all its own.


Work with the marketing team at Monster Energy to create a one-of-a-kind website experience to unveil their latest line of beverages, Mutant super soda. Set the tone and feel for a brand all its own, inspired by the future of technology and defiant ideology.


We worked closely with the brilliant Monster Energy marketing team to brainstorm unique concepts that would resonate with their target demographic. We ultimately landed on a digital experience that would engage users to activate a mutation, thus revealing the all-new Mutant super soda. With the addition of glitch effects, tech elements, and parallax, we were able to establish a truly immersive online experience.


The Mutant website received a massive boost in website traffic while utilizing the Monster Energy marketing platform and social media outlets. A plethora of devoted Monster fanatics explored the new website to learn more about the Mutant super soda and the rare flavors it has to offer. Mutant saturated the social outlets using #MutantSuperSoda, acquiring nearly 100,000 impressions on Instagram.

Working with Monster Energy in the past has lent itself to some pretty special projects, and this endeavor was no exception. After numerous meetings and supercharged energy drinks, it became clear that we were going to be a part of something BIG. We began wireframing and prototyping some early concepts to get buy in from stakeholders. Once we got the green light, it was off to the races! Our design and development teams worked hand-in-hand to identity challenges, key takeaways, and best practices to achieve our vision.

“Mutant is a defiant new breed with an attitude all its own.”

Our front-end development team had their work cut out for them. We hand-crafted a series of timeline events and canvas effects to achieve our ideal “mutation” process. We utilized the latest HTML5 and CSS3 tricks to create a fully responsive framework, and added subtle movements to really bring the website to life. Aside from the “wow” factor, we also kept the website very informational with nutritional facts and a detailed contact form.

From start-to-finish, working on the Mutant super soda website was a challenging and rewarding experience! We worked through some pretty tight deadlines, and delivered all of our digital files on-time and on-budget. The website reveal and press release were huge successes, and we’re now looking forward to even more Mutant marketing campaigns in 2017.

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