Ones To Watch.

A collective of bloggers, music geeks and concert fanatics who know that discovering good music is just a matter of looking in the right place.


Refresh a website that was launched in 2013 while incorporating a new partnership with Skype. Importantly, the new site couldn’t feel like a Skype property - it still had to retain its own heart and soul.


The Haven Agency design team collaborated with House of Blues Entertainment and Skype to create the perfect blend of the previous website’s design elements and Skype’s aesthetics. We also integrated popular design trends to create a fun site for music lovers to visit.


Music to our ears! A cleaner, more exciting website with more editorial content than ever before. Both clients were thrilled with the new design, added functionality and increased site visits.

Haven Agency worked with the House of Blues Entertainment division of Live Nation in 2013 to create the first version of the Ones to Watch website - a place to discover up-and-coming bands and artists, listen to their music, watch their videos, and learn about their backgrounds.

For 2014, the Ones to Watch team formed a partnership with Skype to help promote their more popular artists, requiring the website to be updated to reflect this partnership. However, the updated website couldn’t feel too corporate or appear like it had “sold out” to Skype. So we gathered feedback from House of Blues Entertainment and combined it with Skype’s wish list to come up with a refreshed website design that melded two unique brands into one new experience.

We made the site even more mobile-friendly by rebuilding the site to further enhance the responsive design elements from 2013. In addition, we updated the custom CMS used to manage the site and to add new features. At the direction of Skype, we also added more editorial content than ever before, while implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best-practices for the new content.

The final result made everyone happy. Skype was glad to help the website expand and drive more traffic in the process. House of Blues was happy that their website still felt like their website, and that it now had more features and content than ever before!

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