Summoner’s Rift.

The environment and monsters of League of Legend’s Summoner’s Rift have been significantly updated! A legendary experience awaits.


Create an interactive map experience to promote a significant update to the most popular gameplay arena within the world’s most popular online game.


Haven Agency developed an online interactive map experience that delivers an exciting journey through the all new Summoner’s Rift battleground – for League of Legend’s veterans and new users alike. We made sure that the same map experience could be enjoyed on all type of devices, including mobile. And finally, we took it up a notch by translating the site into about 20 languages and regions, from Europe to Asia. We even worked directly with teams in Asia to ensure their special characters display properly.


In a word, legendary! The final map experience was heralded by League of Legends users and praise quickly spread throughout the League community. The website proved to be the perfect tool for showcasing the exciting new changes, as well as for teaching users about the cool new experiences they could expect to explore in-game.

There had never been an update to League of Legends on the scale of the update to the Summoner’s Rift. A complete redrawing of the entire map was about to be released to the public, and Riot Games needed a fun and interactive way of showcasing its new baby.

Riot tasked Haven Agency with creating a map experience that would allow users to interact with the Rift like never before. To do so, we took a rendering of the new map and regenerated it for use in an online map experience. We had to re-render the map at various sizes to account for the multiple zoom levels for the interactive experience. The re-rendered map was then sliced into dozens of tiles, so that each tile could be loaded on-demand, instead of all up-front, in order to make load times reasonable.

On top of the tiled map images, Haven Agency placed key elements where users could click to learn more information about the map itself, about the monsters in the Rift, and about the gameplay and other general updates. Zooming in and out, as well as panning up, down, left, and right, were all critical features that Haven integrated into the experience.

As a key part of the process, we ensured that the same map experience could be accessed on mobile devices. We also made sure that everything was touch-friendly, and rendered well on all type of devices.

Finally, we took it up a notch by translating the site into about 20 languages and regions, from Europe to Asia. We even worked directly with the teams in Asia to ensure that their special characters were displayed properly.

All-in-all, it was a challenging, yet rewarding, experience! The website exceeded its goals and our client as well as fans worldwide were excited to experience and enjoy this major update to the legendary game.

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