WEN Ad Campaigns.

Chaz Dean regularly develops new products, wows clients at his salon and styles for fashion/award shows.


Create fresh, new ad campaigns for WEN’s Summer Honey Peach line of products, and their Fall Frenzy promotion.


Haven Agency designed and delivered a suite of branded campaign images for use on Yahoo! and AOL login screens, images for Facebook ad placements, and Flash animated banner ads. Every element required the approval of Guthy | Renker, the designers at WEN, and Chaz Dean himself. We also had to work around the restrictions and file size limitations of the websites where the campaign elements would ultimately be displayed.


We did it with style! Our design team delivered stunning work that kept our client happy by meeting their tight deadlines, and kept Chaz happy by meeting his high standards for quality.

Haven Agency had worked on numerous advertising campaigns with Guthy | Renker, so they turned to us when it was time for a new set of campaign materials for their top-selling line of WEN hair care products. We were tasked with developing campaigns promoting their end-of-summer Summer Honey Peach product, and their start-of-fall Fall Frenzy promotion.

Both campaigns had to be personally approved by Chaz Dean, as well as by the brand managers at WEN and Guthy | Renker. With so many cooks in the kitchen, it can sometimes be difficult to reach consensus on a preferred design direction and campaign theme, but we helped all parties navigate through the process and delivered unique and eye-catching designs for both campaigns.

Once the initial designs were solidified, we went to work on repurposing each design for use in various advertising channels: Yahoo! login screens, AOL login screens, Facebook ads, animated Flash banners, and static image banners for mobile devices.

In the end, this project was a resounding success, and Haven Agency impressed in its usual fashion.

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